Experienced Team


We know the internet – we’ve been in it since the beginning

At Toledos we’ve been delivering web and digital solutions since the internet shook the business world back in the ‘90s.


Tim direction

The most important aspect of this business is communication - tech is just another tool.

Tech & Telecommunications since 1992


Dave lead

Agility in development and getting the product earning for the client, otherwise it's no value for no one.

Programming since 1994


Greg code

We're building solutions every day, it's exciting and ever changing. What's not to love about that?

Coding since 2009


Daniel code

That moment when the client see's all the different components come together and realises that the pain has gone!

Coding since 2006


Damon planning

Make sure the objective is clear, then make sure we are working to that objective, then repeat.

Project Management since 1999


Simon creative

There's millions of really great things out there - my job is to get people to see them.

Design industry since 1992


Anita brands

To me, brands are the ultimate form of creativity - we give them life, nurture them, and watch them grow.

Design and Advertising since 1998


Dieter design

Good design is a lot more than a pretty face - user experience is key for successful implementations

Design since 1986


Stephanie data

There is exponential growth in data automation, but only you really understand your processes.

Since 2020